Tilia Holmes




‘Belonging’ was the key word within this brief, I based my project around one of my primary research quotes,

"I feel I belong anywhere with a beautiful view".


John Lewis autumnal window display thinking about the future of shopping. Focusing on the iconic British novel, 'Wind in the Willows' we have created a digital version and

a handmade model to show depth, dimension and the interaction of the staff dressed as the characters.


Place of Words

'Flora' and Politics' were my starting words, I wrote

and illustrated a fictional truth aimed at children.


The ending gives the child an ultimatum, teaching

them moral values and the importance of our planet.

Type Radio

Based on an interview from Type Radio with designer Chip Kidd, these editorial magazine spreads portray his personality rather

than his work.




We were given a grid square in London with a brief to make Postcards. My grid square was based in Soho known as ‘The Golden Mile of Vinyl’. I wanted to create awareness for the struggling record stores, using famous artworks to create nostalgia.






Proposing an Exhibition, I chose ‘Threats against Humanity’, within this the process of plastic waste

littering our oceans, polluting the fish people eat.


This is my identity, promotion in a space, informative ephemera and way-finding systems.

The Poundshop

This one week brief was to come up with a product idea representing our personality and style that can be made for around £1.50 and sold for £3. Both products ended up being made for less than 60p each.

Bumper Animation

In groups we made two 5-15 second animations that reinforce London Underground’s brand.


We were keen to create the 'Underground experience' using the main elements we thought were iconic; sound, movement, speed and the map.


For this group day project we created a composition of

screen-printed letters, focusing

on how they connected and interlocked together.

Type and Tape

In this group day project we were looking into structure and perspectives. We chose the word 'Cubed' to fit with our chosen location. Using coloured tape we created a typographical installation piece.

Fairtrade Bananas

In a day our aim was to create a campaign that encouraged people to buy Fairtrade Bananas.

'Show your Banana' was our campaign where the

public share photos of their banana smile to spread positivity on buying Fairtrade Bananas.


In my spare time, I enjoy illustrating through pyrography. Wood is a unique medium to work with and by burning into it you have to work with any mistakes. I love the contrast between this and digital illustration.


My childhood was spent in the countryside of Dorset. Always interested to record what I see on paper, drawing became my first passion and hobby; throughout education I have developed this interest by exploring new mediums and ideas.


Painting and pyrography played a huge part in my Art A level, I had and always will have a particular fascination with portraiture. From A level I went onto studying an Art Foundation at The Arts University, Bournemouth; specialising in Illustration. From this I knew I wanted to learn new skills and use my illustration within digital contexts.


I continued in Bournemouth, doing a BA(Hons) Visual Communication degree, this allowed me to incorporate my love for illustration with Graphic Design and Typography. I have also learnt Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator,

In design, After Effects and Muse allowing me to apply my skills into different project contexts. I have used Bookbinding, letterpress, editorial design and animation within the different projects; making me a well rounded designer with a love for everything creative.


In my spare time I sell my pyrography through a woodwork gallery which allows me to preserve my original passion for fine art. I also enjoy exploring new cultures and environments, after travelling through Europe I was inticed by the art in Italy. I have also always been an inventive cook; aiming to bring creativity into new recipes.


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